Microsoft announce Microsoft Surface Pro 7+ spare parts kits

by Surur
February 23, 2021

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When Microsoft set out to design Surface Pro 7+, they wanted to make it easy for enterprise customers to repair units in the unlikely event of a hard drive failure, to allow them to retain control of confidential data and reduce the downtime incurred by a servicing issue.

Today the company announced that commercial customers in the U.S. will be able to purchase Microsoft Surface rSSDs, enabling their IT technicians to service devices onsite.

surface pro 7+ SSD

The SSD kits consist of a single certified refurbished SSD —plus SSD screw. All volume sizes are available: 128GB, 256GB ,512GB or 1TB.  After the initial US rollout, Micrsoft plan to gradually roll out the kits to all Surface regions.

Microsoft designed the kits to facilitate data retention and enable IT to restore devices to productive use as quickly as possible. If an employee encounters issues that are related back to the SSD, the IT admin can replace the machine’s SSD in a matter of minutes saving time and money. At this time, the kits cover Surface Pro 7+ only and will not work for Surface Pro X or Surface Laptop Go. Microsoft also does not recommend the SSD kit used to upgrade the size of your HDD.

 To order, reach out to your regional reseller or Surface specialist (initially in the U.S. only) to order via regular commercial channels. Microsoft is not making the SSD kit available to purchase in the regular consumer channels and it is intended for use by enterprise customers only.

Microsoft’s instructions in the Surface Pro 7+ removable SSD guide is available on the Microsoft Download Center.

The new Surface Pro 7+ is powered by the latest 11th generation Intel Core processors and can be now configured with up to 32 GB of RAM. Also, the new removable SSD enables allows you to retain and protect your sensitive information. Microsoft also offers optional built-in LTE Advanced, with eSIM and physical SIM support in this new Surface Pro 7+ device. To improve the battery life, Microsoft has included a 50.4 watt-hour battery, the highest capacity battery ever in the Surface Pro line.

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The Surface Pro 7+ starts at $899 and goes up to $2799 for the top-end model. The LTE model starts at $1149. You can order it here at Microsoft Store online.

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