Microsoft announces Surface Hub 2S with Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise


1, 2020

Microsoft Surface Hub 2S

Last year, Microsoft launched the new Surface Hub 2S collaborating device. Instead of running full Windows 10 OS, the Surface Hub 2S was running on Windows 10 Team OS. The Windows 10 Team’s shell is designed from the ground up to be large screen and touch optimized. It doesn’t use the same shell as Windows 10 Enterprise. Windows 10 Team OS also comes with some restrictions. For example, you can only install apps that are available on Microsoft Store.

Based on the feedback from customers, Microsoft today announced that Surface Hub 2S is now available with Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Enterprise OS configuration. This allows customers to enjoy full Windows 10 functionality such as support for Windows Hello, any Win32 apps, full 3rd party accessory support and more.

Difference between Surface Hub 2S with Windows 10 Team OS and Windows 10 Pro or Windows 10 Enterprise: 

ConfigurationSurface Hub 2S with Windows 10 TeamWindows 10 Pro and Enterprise on Surface Hub 2
Optimized for meeting spacesYesNo
Optimized for personal useNoYes
AppsMicrosoft Store onlyMicrosoft Store, Win32, x64
Microsoft Teams certified1YesNo
Secured out of the box2YesNo
MDM managementYesYes
GPO managementNoYes
Support for USB accessoriesSupports inbox drivers onlyAny Windows 10 compatible USB accessory
Wired Video ingest to OSYesNo
Windows Hello BiometricsNoYes, with The Surface Hub 2 Fingerprint Reader or third-party Windows Hello accessories
Walk up and use3YesNo
Microsoft Defender ATPNoYes
Kiosk modeNoYes
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Source: Microsoft

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