Microsoft Surface Duo’s brand new Peek feature leaked (video)


26, 2020

Today, a brand new feature coming to Surface Duo got leaked. This new feature is called Peek and it allows users to check out the notifications without unfolding the device completely. This will save so much time and effort for end users. When you hear a notification sound, you can just open the device and have a peek at the notifications. You can also scroll through the received notifications.

For example, when you receive a call, you can open the Surface Duo partially to see who is calling. To attend the call, you can open the Surface Duo completely and fold back the display for convenient calling experience.

Back in October, Microsoft announced the Surface Duo but confirmed that the device won’t be coming out until holiday 2020. Last month Microsoft announced the general availability of Surface Duo SDK Preview for developers. Using this preview SDK, developers will be able to develop new dual-screen app experiences on Android platform. The Surface Duo comes with two 5.6” displays and it unfolds to 8.3” display. The 360-degree hinge will allow you to use this device in various modes. Surface Duo brings together the best of Microsoft productivity, Android apps and Surface hardware design into a device you can take anywhere.

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