Microsoft Supports Apple In Fight With FBI


18, 2016

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Recently, the United States government has demanded Apple to build a backdoor to the iPhone so that they can get access to the data from devices used by the criminals. Apple CEO Tim Cook wrote a public letter opposing FBI’s demands. Microsoft which is a founding member of Reform Government Surveillance group supported Apple in its case with FBI with the following statement.

Reform Government Surveillance companies believe it is extremely important to deter terrorists and criminals and to help law enforcement by processing legal orders for information in order to keep us all safe.  But technology companies should not be required to build in backdoors to the technologies that keep their users’ information secure. RGS companies remain committed to providing law enforcement with the help it needs while protecting the security of their customers and their customers’ information. 

Reform Government Surveillance group consists of leading tech companies: AOL, Apple, Dropbox, Evernote, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Twitter, and Yahoo.

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