Microsoft sued over the Windows 10 update campaign once again

windows-10 (3)

Recently, Microsoft had to pay ten thousand dollars to a Californian woman after Windows 10 was installed on her computer without any consent. Now, according to Seattle TimesMicrosoft is being sued once again because of the Windows 10 upgrade campaign. The report states that three men from Florida sued the software giant in the U.S District Court, stating that the company’s Get Windows 10 software violates laws regulating unsolicited electronic advertisements. The company is also being sued in Israel, where the company is being sued for allegedly upgrading users to Windows 10 without their consent which violates the Israeli computer law. In a statement to the publication, Microsoft stated that “we are confident we’ll be successful in court.”

Microsoft will probably have to face more suits like this in the near-future. The company recently updated the Get Windows 10 app to make it easier for users to reject the update. However, it is worth mentioning that the upgrade offer will be ending in just 2 days.

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