Microsoft sued for allegedly failing to pay HoloLens models

Microsoft is finding itself in legal hot-water over its treatment of Genesis Industries, a firm contracted through CoroWare (A Microsoft approved supplier) provide Redmond’s hot new HoloLens with models to show off in videos and at presentations.

The parties involved in the suit are the aforementioned Genesis Industries, the firm which supplies the models, Jennifer Kelly, Microsoft itself, and Microsoft Producer by the name of Johnathan Plumb.

The allegations are multiple, but if we were to simplify them, there are two main elements here.  In the case of Microsoft, the firm is under fire for breach of contract and facing up to its legal obligations to reimburse Genesis industries for costs incurred when supplying labour for Microsoft’s HoloLens demos.

For Mr Plumb, he is alleged to have made inappropriate comments regarding members of GI Industries, including underage ones. When confronted, he also reportedly retaliated against Ms Kelly and GI Industries, revoking access of GI employees to the Microsoft campus, and terminating their relationship.  Further, retaliatory attempt linked to the earlier breach of contract include poaching of employees through CoroWare  in violation of a clause in said contract. Microsoft reportedly still uses said employees in HoloLens demos.

Microsoft in a comment to The Register (via Neowin), simply said via a spokesperson “We are reviewing the complaint. Microsoft is committed to a diverse workforce and an inclusive culture where everyone has the chance to succeed”

You can read the full case details here.

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