Microsoft Stores Already Have Lumia Devices Running Windows Phone 8.1 For Demos


21, 2014

Microsoft Store Windows Phone Display

Marketing Windows Phone devices to the general public is always a uphill task for Microsoft. Either you are a selling a Windows Phone device to a Android user or a first time smartphone user, you need to show them how Windows Phone works to win their purchase.  Nokia tried to speak about the hardware features while Microsoft tried their hands in marketing Windows Phone OS features. We should see more unified marketing approach from Microsoft in the future as Nokia Devices division is now part of Microsoft.

While Windows Phone 8.1 release to the public is more than a month away, Microsoft has already started to market the new features in the WP8.1 to the general consumers. According to Reddit user Xodium, Microsoft Stores now have Lumia devices running Windows Phone 8.1 Developer preview for demos. Thousands of customers visiting Microsoft Retail stores everyday will get exposed to upcoming features such as Cortana digital assistant, new Start screen background, Action Center and more. Hopefully this will excite them about Windows Phone devices and drive more sales in the future.

via: Reddit

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