While fans are concerned over Microsoft’s commitment to UWP, many developers are still taking full advantage of the UWP platform and giving a native touch to their application.

A new File Explorer app has made its way to the Microsoft Store. Named Files UWP – Preview, the app is based on UWP, I mean a true UWP, the idea of which was — write once and run everywhere. However, this app does run on every Windows 10 devices. The app is available for download on Windows 10 Mobile, HoloLens, PC, and Hub. Also, you can open multiple tabs in the app. In terms of design, the app looks really nice but needs more fluent design treatment.

Although not perfect, the Files UWP got the basics right in the first attempt. It has support for drag and drop, copy and paste, cut option, and many other things. A simple right-click on files give you a context menu, from which you’ll be able to cut, copy, paste, and share. However, it has a downside — you can’t set images as wallpaper directly from the app, in order to do that you’ll have to open the image with Microsoft Photos app.

That said, I won’t replace the stock File Explorer app with this one and frankly, neither should you. Download the app from the below link and let us know your thoughts on the app.

Files App
Files App
Developer: Yair A
Price: Free