Microsoft to stop updating its Lumia Highlights app


Several months ago, Microsoft updated its Lumia Highlights app to include new content and highlights about its Lumia smartphones. Today, the company has quietly announced that it’ll no longer be updating the app with new content. The company says users can still find tips, news, and more about their Lumia smartphones from the official Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts.

Users who tried to use the app were greeted with the following message:

After today, you will no longer see any new articles on this app. But it’s not a goodbye because there are still other ways to keep in touch. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And remember to subscribe to our newsletters to receive latest information, tips and offers from Microsoft Lumia in the future.

Microsoft has been shutting down quite a few Lumia related services lately. The company removed the regional Lumia support accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram just a little while ago, too. Unfortunately though, it isn’t yet known why the company is stopping some of these accounts and the Highlights app.