Microsoft "still need to iron out a few kinks" to implement GPT-4 Turbo for Bing

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OpenAI GPT-4 Turbo

Bing users are awaiting the implementation of GPT-4 Turbo, the latest iteration of OpenAI’s Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) language model. In a recent tweet, Mikhail Parakhin, the President of Search and Advertising at Microsoft, confirmed that Bing is indeed working on integrating GPT-4 Turbo into its search engine.

While GPT-4 Turbo is not yet available on Bing, Parakhin assured users that the team is actively ironing out any remaining kinks and working towards a smooth rollout. Once released, GPT-4 Turbo is expected to enhance Bing’s search capabilities, providing users with more accurate and relevant results, as well as a more personalized search experience.

What is GPT-4 Turbo?

GPT-4 Turbo is the latest generation of OpenAI’s GPT-4 language model, offering improvements in terms of capabilities, performance, and cost-effectiveness. It is a large multimodal model, capable of processing and generating both text and images.

GPT-4 Turbo has a context window of 128,000 tokens, which is significantly larger than the 64,000 tokens of GPT-4 and the 8,000 tokens of GPT-3.5. This means that GPT-4 Turbo can consider a much longer history of text when generating responses, leading to more coherent and relevant outputs.

Not just this, GPT-4 Turbo is 3x cheaper for input tokens and 2x cheaper for output tokens compared to GPT-4. Click here to learn more about GPT-4 Turbo.

Overall, the implementation of GPT-4 Turbo represents a significant step forward for Bing.