Microsoft starts Surface Laptop’s ‘Powerfully Beautiful’ campaign in UK

Microsoft is kicking off the official Surface Laptop campaign in the UK today. The company will be showing ads for the laptop on TV during the campaign in the UK. The campaign’s tagline is “Powerfully Beautiful”.

We believe Microsoft will be using the recently released ads for the Surface Laptop in the UK, which you can watch below:

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Microsoft’s Surface Laptop starts at £999 in the United Kingdom. Although Microsoft will be promoting the different colored variants of the device during the campaign, only the Platinum variant of the device is available for purchase right now. You can, however, pre-order the colored variants of the Surface Laptop right now and get it on the 24th of August. Do keep in mind that the Surface Laptop only comes in different colors for the £1,249 variant which comes with 256GB of storage and 8GB RAM.

In other related news, the Surface Laptop is launching in Taiwan tomorrow, too.

You can buy the Surface Laptop from the Microsoft Store UK here.