Microsoft starts selling Surfaces from the Microsoft Store in these three regions

Microsoft is confirming speculation that it plans to sell hardware in its revamped Microsoft Store app. The newest Windows 10 insider release comes with a new quest and a pitch for users to try out Microsoft’s new Store experience. This means that the Microsoft store lets users buy Surface hardware and accessories, like the Surface Pro and Pen in addition to the apps and games the Microsoft Store already offers.

Microsoft previously sold Xbox hardware on the Xbox Store, with the stores being unified, it became obvious that the firm would also apply the same strategy on PCs as well.

Hopefully, Microsoft will expand the store’s library to include hardware that is sold on the conventional web-store, including PCs from more traditional OEMs like HP, Acer, and Dell. It wouldn’t look good if Microsoft sold, for example, the Dell XPS 13 with a pre-installed app advertising the Surface Laptop.

This is currently available to Windows PCs with 11709.1001.7, and currently being tested in the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia.