Microsoft start ingesting and publishing the first Progressive Web Applications on the Microsoft Store

by Surur
April 7, 2018

Microsoft is hoping Progressive Web Apps, an industry movement, will be the saviour of the flagging Microsoft App Store.

Available in Windows 10 Redstone 4, the applications are similar to locally cached websites, and have access to native features such as notifications and working offline, but does not require developers to code for the platform specifically.

On the eve of the release of Redstone 4, Microsoft has now started publishing PWA apps in the Microsoft Store. Microsoft is managing the process themselves, allowing them to select only the best examples of the genre, with the apps being published under the Microsoft Store account.

The following apps are now visible in the store.

The apps have been ingested with the permission of the publisher, but at a later stage Microsoft will be ingesting and publishing apps automatically, and will also let developers post their own PWA.

What do our readers think of this first collection? Let us know below.


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