Microsoft Spending Mad Cow Money On Windows Phone Launch



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We all know Microsoft has a wallet larger than 14 jumbo jet full of thousand dollar bills, well it seems they will be crashing one of their jumbo’s straight to Windows Phones 7 related affairs. This news comes from TechCrunch, who speaks of an interview by Jonathan Goldberg, a telecommunications analyst at Deutsche Bank. He estimates that Microsoft will spend $400 million on marketing alone for the Windows Phone 7 launch.

Now this article also mention the Droid one and I think I should talk about it too. I remember when the first Droid came out and you couldn’t go 5minutes without an ad going right in your face. After all those ads, the Droid dropped and just about everyone I knew wanted one. Granted the phone was pretty good looking, I think with the right marketing team Microsoft could get some iPhone like sales on the first run (or atleast Droid).

Now that’s just marketing… Microsoft plans to save you money on apps and phones too. They are spending a few good millions on developers and manufacturers, so they can get everything ready for launch.

“We have a long-term view and Microsoft has been in this position before in other businesses where we’ve had to take a long-term view,” says Microsoft senior product manager Greg Sullivan, who would not comment on the estimates. “The mobile phone market is growing by leaps and bounds, but it’s still in the early stages.”

The following statement is true. Not everyone owns an iPhone or a Droid and so they still have mind share to capture.

“This is make-or-break for them. They need to do whatever it takes to stay in the game,” says Goldberg. “It’s still wide open. They don’t have to take share from Android or Apple, so long as they can attract enough consumers switching from feature phones

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