Skype Meet Now allows you to setup video meetings with no sign ups or downloads

April 4, 2020

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In the wake of Coronavirus outbreak, many organizations around the world are recommending their employees to work from home. Most of the large and medium-sized organizations and businesses will be already using a communication tool like Microsoft Teams for collaboration among employees. If an employee wants to setup a video meeting with a group of employees, he can do it with few clicks. However, small businesses and individuals with no proper communication tool in place will find it hard to arrange a video meeting. I would recommend Microsoft Skype in such scenarios.

Microsoft Skype allows anyone to easily setup video meetings with no sign ups or downloads. Users just need to generate their free unique link with one click, share it with participants and enjoy meetings with Skype. This is not a light version of Skype, instead they can enjoy full set of features like call recording, background blur and more.

  • Focus and engage in your online meeting without any distractions. Record your call for later reviews and note taking. We store your recording for up to 30 days.
  • On the go or just didn’t have time to prepare for your video meeting, simply turn on the background blur feature and worry less.
  • Easily share presentations, work materials or designs in your conference call. Collaborate and review your work in the chat.

You can get started with Skype video meetings here.

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If you want a more advanced collaboration and communication tool, check out Microsoft Teams which has a free edition as well.

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