Microsoft Skype hits 1 billion mobile downloads


28, 2016


Microsoft today announced that Skype has reached 1 billion mobile downloads. Skype was originally released on iTunes for iOS 7 years ago and it was launched on Android in October 2010. Later, Skype for iPad came in in 2011 and Skype for wearables last year.

That’s a huge milestone and we wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone that has downloaded Skype on their mobile. Wherever you are, from the US and Russia, to the Cocos Islands and Pitcairn (guess how many people use Skype in Pitcairn #SkypeTrivia), you’ve all helped Skype grow from just a few users in Tallinn, Estonia, to hundreds of millions in every corner of the earth.

Microsoft Skype team claims that the latest versions of Skype bring you our best call quality, our best performance and brand new features, like mobile group video calling, group video messaging and video message saving. Do you agree with Skype team’s statement about their mobile apps performance?

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