Microsoft shutting down @LumiaHelp, localised Lumia Twitter accounts in September

August 23, 2016

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Microsoft is continuing its reduction of its online Windows phone footprint, an act which began earlier with its shuttering of Windows Phone support and Lumia voices channels. Now the firm is closing down not only localised Lumia accounts like @Lumia US, @LumiaUK, and @LumiaIndia but also shutting down @LumiaHelp as its first point of contact for Lumia users. Instead, users are now meant to subscribe to the global Lumia Twitter account @Lumia , and support questions are to be directed to @MicrosoftHelps instead.

Of course, this shouldn’t be surprising to Windows Phone users who have been following the news. Microsoft has been slowly killing of its Lumia division since 2014 and has been rumoured to have internally killed the brand off permanently.

In an announcement today, Microsoft included an FAQ to deliver PR-friendly answers to the users who would be curious about the change:

Why are you closing this account?

This account is being merged with your local Windows or Microsoft account to help us become a part of the international, larger, Microsoft family.

What happens after closure?

Once we merge this account, you will still see Microsoft Lumia updates, however, the key change is that you will also receive general Microsoft/Windows updates.

Is this linked to the Microsoft restructure across the organisation?

Microsoft Lumia are simply merging their accounts so that everything can sit under one, unified, global page.

Who do I contact if I need local support?

If you need further assistance with your device please follow this link to get more help:

Why is my local Lumia page becoming a support channel?

We want to make sure you have answers to all of your Microsoft Lumia questions, therefore some channels will be staying open to answer these local requests.

What can I do if my local Lumia channel has been closed and is not merging with another?

This latest series of actions should just serve as confirmation of Microsoft further washing its hands off Lumia and the Nokia purchase. While rumours indicate that the firm is still heavily into Windows Mobile and planning to push it at some point soon, one wonders if it wouldn’t be a better investment to improve their apps and services on iOS and Android to win hearts and minds there.

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