Microsoft Shutting Down msnNOW News Site



Microsoft has recently announced that it is shutting down the msnNow trending news website. msnNOW is presenting the most interesting trends from real-time sources like Facebook, Twitter, Bing, and Going forward, Microsoft is planning a section at MSN to cover offbeat news. Here is the message from the team,

msnNOW launched with the goal of making it easy to discover the stories people are searching for and talking about the most. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed presenting this irresistibly viral content – ranging from binders full of women to buckets full of animals – to our large and loyal audience.

However, as part of our ongoing work to fine-tune our editorial mix, we’ve decided that msnNOW will stop publishing on December 3, 2013. Rather than having a single home for trending content, we will continue integrating that material throughout all MSN channels.

We’ve learned a lot by successfully curating the most interesting stories in real time using msnNOW. We intend to build on what we’ve learned as we partner with some of the world’s leading content brands in the future.

A big thank you to everyone who read and shared msnNOW stories, and to our dedicated community of commenters. We hope msnNOW fans will stay with us for this final month, and for those who love unusual news, watch for more details about a new section on MSN News dedicated to offbeat stories, coming soon.

Source: MSN via: Neowin

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