In a new Microsoft Mechanics video Microsoft showed off the ideal Microsoft Teams Rooms setup for enterprises.

Microsoft Teams Rooms is a hardware and software solution that combines the digital workspace of Microsoft Teams with dedicated Microsoft certified devices.

 Teams Rooms is designed to give all meeting participants an inclusive and reliable experience and offers features such as:

  • Cameras can frame the room and zoom into the active speaker.
  • Audio devices are designed to ensure people’s voices are clear and intelligible.
  • Raise your hand to indicate you’d like to speak.
  • Follow along with real-time A.I. enabled live captions.
  • A central console gives you full control over the meeting.
  • Use an analogue whiteboard or take advantage of the Microsoft Whiteboard app.
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The video makes it clear Teams Rooms offers a mature and fully featured video conferencing solution and covers the key steps to set up a Teams Room for your organization, including security and enterprise management.

Read more about Teams Rooms here and about certified hardware solutions here.