Microsoft showing huge banner ads promoting Edge on Chrome download site


22, 2023

It is a standard practice of companies like Google and Microsoft to promote their respective web browsers with tall claims. But recently, something weird happened: Microsoft placed a huge banner advertisement for the Edge browser on the Chrome Canary download page.

If you try to download any other browser using Microsoft Edge, it will show you a notification telling you that you do not need to download a new web browser. This is something we are all used it. But Microsoft has never been this aggressive about promoting Edge and went as far as showing banner promotion on the download page of other browsers.

As spotted by FireCube on Twitter, the software giant is showing a massive banner on the Chrome Canary download page telling users that Edge also runs on the same technology as Chrome, “but with the added trust of Microsoft.” The promotional banner also contains a link to the Edge download page.

There are some real benefits of using Edge over Chrome. For example, features like free VPN, Drop in Sidebar, and protection for typosquatting are exclusive to Microsoft Edge. But for a vast majority of people, Chrome is their go-to web browser for surfing the web. Since both browsers were built using Chromium, you can install Chrome add-ons on the Edge. So, you aren’t missing anything significant.

However, Microsoft’s latest push to promote Edge more aggressively may not go down well with many users. Microsoft watcher FireCube, for one, raised objection that it sets a bad precedent and, therefore, should not be normalized. Many also pointed out that this is no different than Google showing a notification that says YouTube works best on Chrome.

What do our readers think about Microsoft’s aggressive campaigning to get more userbase for the Edge web browser? Do you support displaying huge banner ads for Edge on the Chrome download page? Let us know in the comments section.

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