Microsoft shares the story behind Windows 10’s Feedback Hub in new video

July 10, 2017

Microsoft today released a new video showing off the story behind Windows 10’s Feedback Hub app. In the video, Windows engineers detail how they are using feedback from Windows 10 users in order to improve the operating system and fix bugs.

“At the beginning of Windows 10, we made a big bet: we wanted to build Windows alongside our fans. To do that, we realized that we needed an app that would allow our customers to share their problems and suggestions with us. We also created a team that would help us organize the feedback, and make sure the right teams in Windows understood the customer problems and suggestions that are coming in,” said Samer Sawaya, an engineer working on the Feedback Hub.

Sawaya also showed off the first ever version of the Feedback Hub app:

Microsoft touched on how the company uses Azure to power the Feedback Hub on the video. Microsoft’s Anna Rode detailed how Windows engineers use the feedback from users to improve Windows and how the Feedback Hub deals with duplicate feedback using clustering algorithms. Pretty cool stuff.

You can watch the video below:

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