Microsoft Seeing AI app updated with new battery saver mode

July 8, 2019

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Back in 2017, Microsoft first announced the Seeing AI app that changed the lives of blind and low vision community. Seeing AI app uses the power of AI to describe nearby people, text and objects. Since its launch, Microsoft has added several new features to the app. Today, Microsoft released a new update (v3.1) for Seeing AI app in Apple App Store. This update comes with a new battery saver mode which will stop recognizing if nothing is found for a period of time. This app will again start recognition process once the phone is moved.

Another important thing added in this update is the increased field of view on the Document channel. With this support, to scan a document, the phone need not be as far away. This update also comes with number of bug fixes and internal improvements.

You can download the updated app here from App Store.

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