Microsoft Search will soon be able to find Teams meeting recordings based on what was said

by Surur
June 9, 2021

Microsoft is in the process of moving Microsoft Teams meeting recordings to OneDrive and SharePoint, and that is bringing a number of advantages.

One of them is that users will soon be able to find a meeting recording based on what was said in the meeting using Microsoft Search.

Previously, Teams meeting recordings were only searchable based on the Title of the meetings. You will now be easily able to find Teams meeting recordings based on not just the Title of the meeting, but also based on what was said in the meeting, via the transcript, as long as Live Transcription was enabled.

Note however that only the attendees of the Teams meeting will have the permission to view these recordings in the search results and playback the recordings. These meetings will now be discoverable in eDiscovery as well, via the transcript.

If you don’t want these meetings to be discoverable in Microsoft Search or eDiscovery via transcripts, you can turn off Teams transcription.

The feature is rolling out in mid-June as a targetted release and late June for a standard release, with the roll-out expected to be completed by early July.

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