Microsoft says they have solved Surface Book 2 GPU issues with new Firmware Update



Microsoft has been blocking the May 2019 Update for the Surface Book 2 due to ongoing issues with the dedicated GPU disappearing from the Device Manager.

Now Microsoft claims to have finally fixed the issue, and has started pushing out a firmware update to the Surface Book 2. The update also fixes the old PC Throttling issue.

The full changelog can be seen below:

Windows Update History NameDevice Manager Name
Surface – System – Base 2 Firmware Update – Firmware

  • improves battery stability.
Surface – Firmware – 182.1004.139.0Surface System Aggregator – Firmware

  • 182.1004.139.0 resolves an issue where the CPU will throttle down to .4GHz, and improves battery stability.
Surface – Firmware – 389.2837.768.0Surface UEFI – Firmware

  • 389.2837.768.0 resolves an issue where the display adapter disappears from Device Manager.

You can manually download the Surface Book 2 drivers and firmware package here. Once the firmware is installed the blocked May 2019 should also become available.

Via Neowin

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