Microsoft says Surface Hub demand exceeded their expectations, introduces a new Try-and-Buy program

Microsoft today announced that the company is launching a new Try-and-Buy program for the Surface Hub. As the name suggests, the program will allow customers interested in trying out the device to try the device before buying it. Customers will be able to try out the Surface Hub for 30 days as part of the Try-and-Buy program from Microsoft’s select group of sellers. The company is launching the new Try-and-Buy program in the United States and Europe this winter — however, the program will also be coming to Asia at a “later date.”

In addition to the new Try-and-Buy program, Microsoft has also announced that the software is also increasing the production rate of the Surface Hub devices, following exceeding demand. According to Microsoft, the company has shipped the Surface Hub to over two thousand customers in 24 markets. Moreover, the company stated that the average deal included “approximately 50 units” which is quite a lot — but what’s even more surprising is that the company received an order for 1,5000 units from a large car manufacturer.

The Surface Hub does sound like quite a major success for the company, especially considering that the company has sold it to more than two thousand customers worldwide. The company has also released a new video promoting the Surface Hub, which provides a closer look at some of the best features of the device and the device’s origins:

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