The transition from Windows 10 to Windows 11 has been surprisingly smooth, with few real issues. The main reason is that Windows 11 is largely a re-skinned Windows 10 with rounded corners and few under-the-hood changes.

That is about to change, however, going by a letter Microsoft is sending to Windows 11 Insiders.

In the letter, Microsoft notes that new Dev builds will be diverging from the Windows 11 Microsoft is expected to deliver to consumers later this year and will feature “early development builds” which are expected to be a lot more unstable.

Our readers will recall that Windows 11 was Microsoft’s hasty Plan C, after they failed to ship Windows 10X on both dual-screen tablets or single-screen laptops.

These new builds will presumably be the real Windows 11, with more new features and deeper changes, sticking closer to Microsoft’s real vision of a next-generation operating system.

Will our readers jump to the beta channel, are are you along for the wild Dev channel ride? Let us know below.

via HTNovo