Microsoft rolls out a new update for OneDrive app for Windows 10 users with new Activity Centre, more

Microsoft is rolling out a new update for the OneDrive app. The latest update has been pushed to users on April 2018 Update and it brings new features and improvements. You can head below to take a look at the changelog for the update.

  • With the new update, OneDrive will stop the syncing the files if the “Battery Saver” is enabled. OneDrive will also send a notification for the same with an option to ignore Battery Saver and continue syncing the files.
  • OneDrive has also added a feedback option to the app. Users can click on the feedback option to send both issues and suggestions to the team.
  • Microsoft has improved the OneDrive’s Activity Center.

These new features were revealed by Microsoft earlier this month and are now available for download. The app will update automatically but users can manually update if they want. To do that, Click on the OneDrive icon on the taskbar and navigate to Settings>Information. Once there, click on the version number link which will open the browser and take you to OneDrive’s download page. Under Production, click on the latest version (18.131.0701.0004) in the Distribution row. This will start downloading the new update. Once downloaded, install the file and you will have the latest OneDrive update.

Via: HT Novo