Microsoft starts rolling out Project Moca, aka Outlook Spaces to Office Insiders


27, 2020

Earlier this year, we reported that Microsoft is working on a new collaboration tool within Outlook to help teams with project management. Called Outlook Spaces, the tool is a combination of multiple tools and makes it easy for teams to collaborate and work together. With Spaces, you can pull together your relevant documents, emails, and events in Outlook using search terms in a single location. You can also create to-do lists, add notes, include any relevant links and more.

Now, it looks like Microsoft has started rolling out Outlook Spaces to Office Insiders. The update adds Outlook Spaces to Outlook Web and it can be accessed by visiting

Currently, Microsoft is rolling out Outlook Spaces in phases to Office Insiders so not everyone will see it right away. Microsoft plans to release Spaces soon but there’s no word on when the feature will be available to everyone.

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