Microsoft Reviewing The Windows Phone App Platform Developer Requests

In the WPDev Feedback forum, Microsoft has updated the status of few Application platform improvement requests from the developers. The following feature requests are changed to “under review” state.

  • SMS Access API
  • Bluetooth Data Transfer APIs
  • Native SDK to support C++ Development
  • Skydrive API to backup user’s IsolatedStorage app data
  • Allow applications with push notifications to display them on lock screen
  • Allow creating screenshot from device
  • In-App Purchase/Payments for Marketplace apps
  • VPN Support
  • Write access to calendar/contacts 
All the above requests are updated with the following message except one,

Thank you all for the spirited commentary! We understand that (each of the above feature) is of vital importance to you and to our Windows Phone users. Your feedback has placed it very high on the consideration list for future Windows Phone releases. Keep those suggestions and votes coming!

For Native SDK support, Microsoft again made it clear that they won’t be opening up the platform as Android did. Instead Microsoft will add support for C++ with restrictions same as the current managed platform.

 I think it’s safe to expect a C++ support we would provide would likely have the same device/data limitations as the managed code platform…I would probably call out sensors that you want access to as additional suggestions (please, don’t say ‘we need ALL of them!’ as that’s an easy one to simply say ‘too much effort’ and let it fall below the cut-line(s), be explicit on what you need and why).

For the most part, I think it’s safe to view native/C++ be something that extends the surface area of the developer platform to provide code reuse, rather than something that opens up the entire device for P/Invoke. The key tenet of “no user should ever regret installing an app” has to hold for this to be accepted/implemented.”

You can vote for your requests at WPDev feedback site.

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