Microsoft Reveals What’s Coming Next With Windows Intune

Windows Intune

Windows Intune is a cloud service from Microsoft that allows Enterprise to manage the devices of their employees with ease. Microsoft is updating Intune updated on a regular basis, roughly every quarter. The previously announced Windows Intune features are now rolling out. It includes support for Windows Phone 8.1 and Samsung KNOX Standard (formerly Samsung SAFE) support. At TechEd conference held yesterday, Microsoft revealed the upcoming features for Windows Intune in Q4 of CY2014.

Here are some of the new features that will be part of managed productivity environment:

Conditional Access Policy

When a user enrolls their device into Windows Intune, an organization’s certificates, Wi-Fi, VPN, and email profiles can automatically be configured on the device.   This will enable users to quickly access internal corporate resources with the appropriate security configurations set, without having to call the help desk.

Managed Office Mobile Apps

With Office and Outlook Web App (OWA) for mobile devices users soon will be able to access corporate data from within Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive for Business, and OWA mobile in a protected manner based on IT policy defined through Windows Intune.  IT departments will be able to apply policies across Office mobile apps to allow their users to create, view, edit, and share content only between managed applications.  These managed Office applications will be available for iOS and Android phones shortly after the release of the Q4 update to Windows Intune. We will also deliver an app wrapping tool which will enable an organization to take their existing internal line of business app and wrap a management policy around it, then distribute it to their users via Intune.

Protected Data

We will also provide access to the Internet through a protected browser.  This will enable the administrator to require certain web links – for example, found in an email attachment – to be accessed only from the browser, which can be configured with the same data protection policies mentioned above.   Lastly, we are also working on managed PDF, audio, and video viewers which can be used within the same managed productivity environment on the device.

Managed Corporate Devices

Intune will support the ability to bulk enroll iOS and Android devices, and use a single Intune service account to enroll the devices instead of having separate IDs for each device, since they are not associated with a user each.  For iOS, Intune will support Apple’s Device Enrollment Program to do this bulk enrollment.

Intune will also support the ability to configure iOS devices using the Apple Configurator tool, allowing more granular and enforced “lock down” policies through the iOS Supervisor mode.  This is especially useful in education scenarios where the student should not be able to un-enroll the device or when more stringent management is required.    Additional settings include the ability to allow or block a specific set of applications and URL addresses.

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Source: Windows Intune Blog