Microsoft Reveals Toshiba Encore 7, A 7-inch Windows Tablet



Toshiba Encore 7

At Computex, Nick Parker, Microsoft corporate vice president, demonstrated the latest Windows hardware devices which will be available in new lower price points and new markets. For the first time, Microsoft revealed Toshiba’s upcoming 7” Encore tablet. This will be one of the first 7-inch Windows device that will come to market. The tablet is being co-developed by Microsoft and Toshiba and in close collaboration with Intel, Goodix and AMI.

It will be available in the coming months at a value-driven price point. Microsoft also highlighted that the pricing will be very competitive with any other 7” class device. My prediction is that it will be around $150. Microsoft also talked about how recent Windows enhancements including $0 Windows for devices smaller than 9 inches, relaxed certification requirements, are enabling new class of devices in various markets.

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