Microsoft reveals Azure Percept, a platform of hardware and services for AI on edge devices


2, 2021

Author Pradeep // in News

Microsoft Azure Percept

At its Ignite digital conference, Microsoft today announced Azure Percept, a platform of hardware and services that will allow organizations to easily use Azure AI technologies on the edge.

Azure Percept hardware is built to integrate seamlessly with Azure AI and Azure internet of things (IoT) services. Customers can use the Azure Percept hardware, pre-built AI models and Azure services for scenarios including object detection, shelf analytics, anomaly detection and more.

Azure Percept family includes the following:

  • Azure Percept DK, a deployment-ready development kit with a carrier board, mounting tools and Azure Percept Vision, a camera-enabled system on module (SOM) for rapid scenario-based customization.
  • Azure Percept Audio, a voice-enabled SOM with a four-microphone linear array that can enable voice activation and customer commands on local microphone-enabled devices.
  • Azure Percept Studio, a complete step-by-step platform that brings together AI tooling, Azure IoT services, device provisioning and edge AI lifecycle management at the edge.

Microsoft is working with third-party silicon and equipment manufacturers to build an ecosystem of edge devices that are certified to run on the Azure Percept platform.

Source: Microsoft

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