Microsoft revamps workspaces inside Buildings 16 and 17 to boost employee collaboration

April 11, 2016

Microsoft recently revamped the interiors of Buildings 16 and 17 inside its headquarters in Redmond. Just like any modern workspaces, there are new, retooled work spaces and vibrant common areas in these buildings. The most striking design change from the past is that Building 16 and 17 are now office-free. Even the vice president sits in a neighborhood.

Employees and even executives work together in large, shared rooms called “neighborhoods.” They roam high-ceilinged hallways and stop for impromptu meetings in angular atriums designed to capture and perpetuate light. They head into large, glass team rooms to collaborate, or into one of the many focus rooms or cozy alcoves for privacy. They yell and whoop in an Xbox game room, and take their shoes off to quietly recharge in the company’s first-ever No Tech Lounge.

Cloud and Enterprise teams are now occupying Buildings 16 and 17.

Read about all the new experiences offered for employees in these new buildings here.

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