Microsoft revamps Bing Rewards with a new name and a lot more

August 17, 2016

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Microsoft is rebranding Bing Rewards to Microsoft Rewards, making some pretty major changes to the service. Firstly, Microsoft is changing how credits work at Microsoft Rewards — the company is renaming “Credits” to “Points” with Microsoft Rewards. Microsoft says 1 credit will get you 10 points, which means if you had somewhere around 500 credits on Bing Rewards, you will already have 5000 points on Microsoft Rewards. With Microsoft Rewards, users will be able to earn Rewards points by searching with Bing. In addition to this, you will also be able to earn Reward points by shopping at the Windows Store, as well as the Microsoft Store. And if you use Microsoft Edge, you will also be able to earn Rewards points with Microsoft Rewards.

The company is also changing up the Member Tiers — previously on Bing Rewards, there were three different member tires: Member, Silver, and Gold. However, with Microsoft Rewards, the company is introducing two tiers only: Level 1, and Level 2. If you are a Level 1 user, you won’t get anything special – but, if you are a Level 2 member, you will be able to save up to 10% on rewards from Microsoft brands. If you are an existing Bing Rewards users, you will automatically get upgraded to Level 2 until October 31st of this year — and if you want to stay on Level 2, you will need to earn at least 500 points each month.

Here’s an introduction video for Microsoft Rewards:

YouTube player

Microsoft is currently rolling out Microsoft Rewards, and it should be available sometime soon to users in the United States. For now, Microsoft doesn’t seem to have any plans to bring Microsoft Rewards to other countries just yet.

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