Microsoft is revamping Wallet on Windows 10 Mobile, here’s an early look

Microsoft will soon revamp the Wallet app on Windows 10 Mobile to add new features and improve the experience. Currently, the app is quite useless — however, with the upcoming update, the app will gain some neat features.

With Wallet 2.0, Microsoft will allow users to add and store their own cards – kind of like iOS’ Wallet (aka Passbook) app. You can add tickets or loyalty cards for a restaurant, movie, supermarket, gym, library, pharmacy or any other type of card.  Additionally, you will also be able to save cards from third-party apps that are available on the Windows Store which you can already do on the current Wallet app on Windows 10 Mobile. Here are some screenshots of the revamped Wallet app:

It is not yet known when Microsoft will be releasing Wallet 2.0 to Windows 10 Mobile users. Chances are, the company will probably release Wallet 2.0 with the Anniversary Update for Windows 10 Mobile. However, for now, tell us what you think of Wallet 2.0 in the comment section below.

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