Microsoft replaces Edge Performance Hub with new ‘Browser essentials’

April 8, 2023

Microsoft announced the arrival of a new Edge “Browser essentials” feature to give users helpful insights about the browser’s performance and other useful functions while browsing the web. Microsoft said it would now release to Canary users and “a portion” of those in the Dev channel running Edge 112, wherein it will replace Performance Hub.

In hopes of catching up with Chrome’s browser dominance, Microsoft is continuously improving its Edge browser. Aside from integrating Bing’s famous Chat feature recently in Edge and testing a dedicated image generator icon in the sidebar, the software company is now presenting Edge’s new Browser essentials section.

Browser essentials Edge toolbar icon
Browser essentials Edge toolbar icon

The section will have a dedicated heart pulse icon in the toolbar of Edge. Upon clicking, users will first see the browser’s performance feature status, including those from the Efficiency Mode, Sleeping Tabs, and Performance Detector. Additionally, the section will have its own built-in online safety reporting feature. It will also show some security-related figures concerning your downloads and sites it scanned during your online sessions.

Aside from the reporting feature, Browser essentials will also give users some recommendations to prevent unfavorable browsing experiences among users. This will be through Browser essentials’ “Performance Detector,” which will “identify scenarios where browser performance may be impacted,” according to Microsoft. Performance Detector will then suggest recommendations to decrease browser memory use and more. Microsoft promised to introduce more suggestions in the future.

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