Microsoft Replaces Device Hub App With Gadgets App In Windows 10

Device Hub app for Windows Phone devices allows you to easily manage the devices from your phone. You can connect to and manage your other phones, accessories, tablets and computers, game consoles, TVs, printers and a number of other devices. This app has evolved into Gadgets app in Windows. While Device Hub was part of Settings in WP8.1, Gadgets will in the main list of apps in Windows 10. It will help you get the most out of your smart accessories.

Some key features:

  • Smart triggers – Launch a particular app when you connect an accessory.  For example, start the music player when you connect your headphones or start HERE Drive when you get in your car.
  • Launch pad – For each accessory, you can specify a list of apps which will appear when it’s connected.
  • Locate a misplaced accessory. Gadgets track where and when you last connected an accessory.
  • Support for Microsoft Display Dock and other accessory firmware updates.
  • Invitation to charge – Wireless charging plate will blink when phone battery is low.

We will come to know more about it in the upcoming Windows 10 Mobile builds.

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