Microsoft repeats Edge vs Chrome and Firefox battery life challenge with April 2018 Update


23, 2018

Battery life is always a concern for laptop users away from a wall socket, and Microsoft has always claimed Edge holds the, well, edge, when it came to that feature.

Microsoft also claims each new version of the browser improves battery life and now the company has posted a video to prove that the Windows 10 April 2018 Update, which delivers a new version of Edge, also beats competitors when it comes to battery life.

The somewhat artificial test uses 3 identical Surface PCs streaming an HD video in a loop, and the results shows Microsoft Edge lasts 98% longer than Mozilla Firefox and 14% longer than Google Chrome.

The test does not show the more usual website browsing scenario, but does suggest when you want to watch a Netflix movie, you do not have much to lose by switching to Edge for that application.

See the video below.

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