Microsoft removing OneDrive video project syncing in Windows 10 Photos app

August 16, 2019

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Windows 10 Photos app allows you to create videos and the created video projects are synced across devices through OneDrive. Microsoft has now announced that they are removing OneDrive video project syncing in Windows 10 Photos app. If are using Windows 10 Photos app on a single device, you don’t have to worry about this change. This change will come into effect from January 10, 2020.

Here’s how to save your video project locally to your devices:

  • The easiest way to save all of the latest versions of all of your video projects you’ve synced to OneDrive is to select the Turn off sync for all projects link in the app message that you’ll see on the main Video Editor page.
  • Another way is to open each video project one at a time. If the project is synced to OneDrive, you’ll see this message – select Turn off sync now and the latest version of that project will be saved to your device.

Even though Microsoft is removing this automatic syncing feature, you can take backup of your video projects in OneDrive manually by following the below steps:

  • First, be sure you’ve turned off Sync to OneDrive for your project(s) by following the instructions above. Then, with the video project open, select See more > Back up project. This will create a .vpb file that can be saved anywhere you store your files. To open the .vpb file on another device, just select See more > Import backup on the Video Projects page next to the New video project button.
  • As you make updates to your project from one device, just remember to back it up when you’re done (See more > Back up project) and import it again to continue on your other device (See more > Import backup).

Source: Microsoft via: WindowsLatest

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