Microsoft removes M365, license requirement for Outlook for Mac

March 7, 2023

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Microsoft announced it is now making Outlook for Mac free for macOS users, which means it drops the need for a Microsoft 365 subscription or Office license.

The app works with, Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo!, or IMAP accounts, making it a flexible choice for many. However, the app used to require a Microsoft 365 subscription or a license to send and receive an email, which was one of its main downsides for macOS users. This should be over now, nonetheless, with the latest significant changes Microsoft introduced, which remove such requirements.

Alongside making it free, the Redmond company highlighted some of the app’s new features, like its Handoff feature that synchronizes tasks for easy switching between devices. Microsoft also promised to deliver new features in the future. Some of these include new abilities to help macOS users view upcoming calendar events in the Menu Bar and connect email accounts to Apple’s Focus experience using new Outlook Profiles.

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