Microsoft removed the taskbar blur effect due to performance issues in Windows 10, but it may come back


Microsoft added a sweet blur effect to the Windows 10 taskbar in the early Insider preview builds. However, the company removed the effect in the recent builds, and it isn’t present in the public release either.

Now, a Microsoft employee by the name of “jenmsft” (who seems to be working on the Windows Shell Team) revealed on Reddit that the company removed the blur effect due to performance issues. Here’s the full statement:

You’re correct – we originally had it, and then it had to be removed for performance reasons. Team is aware of the (passionate 😉) feedback to bring it back. Feel free to lend your voice to the feedback over in the feedback app 😊

As Jen stated, the company is aware of the feedback, and the feature is likely to come back. So if you’re one of the users who liked the blur effect, are you glad that Microsoft is working on bringing it back? Discuss in the comment section below.