Microsoft releasing New Xbox One Preview build with Clubs & Looking for Group (LFG)

Microsoft is releasing a new Xbox One build 1610 to its preview users today. Unlike the recent preview builds in the past, this build includes new features. This preview build includes Clubs & Looking for Group (LFG) features which were announced at E3 few months back.

Apart from these two features, they have made improvements to Gamerscore Leaderboard. The Gamerscore Leaderboard on Xbox One and the Xbox app on Windows 10 devices is faster and more reliable. The Leaderboard also now resets at the beginning of each month instead of displaying results for a 30-day rolling period, meaning you and your friends will have a clean slate to compete against one another at the start of each month. Another neat little thing in this update is the support for Emojis in the virtual keyboard on Xbox One.

Clubs on Xbox Live:

Clubs on Xbox Live is a gamer-created and managed groups that help you meet people and create communities of gamers who love the same things you do. Club members can chat, set up parties, play games together, and share content with the club across your Xbox One, Windows 10 PC, and mobile phones through the Xbox app. There will be Clubs for everything. For example, there will be Clubs for gamers who love drifting cars in Forza, or Minecraft players who work together to make scale replicas of Star Wars spaceships, or you can create a Club filled with just your closest friends just to make it easier to game and stay connected on Xbox Live.

Looking for Group (LFG):

Looking for Group on Xbox Live allows gamers to browse and send “want-ad” like posts to the Xbox Live community, helping you to quickly connect with other gamers looking to accomplish the same goal. If you’re getting matched with random people, you may have the same skill set but other factors like amount of time to play, play style, even chat preferences may not be aligned – resulting in an activity taking longer, players dropping from the group, or general frustration between members. Xbox team wanted to reduce the time it takes to find the best group of people without having to leave Xbox Live. To make it easier, we’re building LFG for all games across Xbox One and Windows 10. Whether you’re playing an FPS on Xbox One or your favorite PC title – with LFG, you can quickly find other gamers to play with on Xbox Live.

Once the update is available, you can update by launching the Guide and navigating to All Settings > System > Console info & updates. Find the full change log below.


OS version released: rs1_xbox_rel_1610.160901-1900

Available: 2:00PM PDT 9/6 (1:00 AM GMT 7/9)



Check out the Community tab on the dashboard to find the new entry point for Clubs on Xbox Live. Create your own Club or explore the Clubs our team has created. You can request an invite to a Club, share content to the Activity Feed, and check out Clubs on Game Hubs and your friends profiles. We’ve got a lot more functionality coming soon!

Join the Xbox Preview club for all the latest information on Xbox Preview, comment on posts from the Xbox Preview team, and interact with other Xbox Preview participants.

Club Quests:

Check out the following Quests for Clubs:

  • Joinin
  • In The Club
  • Mod the Club
  • Create a Club
  • Clubs FAQs
  • I just joined a Club, but I’m having problems posting or sharing to the Activity Feed.

Workaround: Please wait for 5 minutes after joining a Club before posting or sharing to the Activity Feed.

  • I requested a Club invite, but it still hasn’t come through!

Workaround: Club notifications aren’t yet functional, and it can take a while for moderators to check for new Club invite requests. You can also try messaging the Club owner directly.

LFG (Looking for Group)

Need to find players to help unlock an Achievement, complete a weekly quest, or build a team? Xbox Looking for Group allows you to post a “want ad” that other players can see and answer. Each post can contain a description, number of players needed, and searchable tags. You can tag a post with communication and playstyle preferences like “Mic required” or “Cooperative”, Achievements you want to pursue, or custom tags created by the community for each game. Once you’ve found other players who share your goals, you can quickly and easily form a party and get into your game.

We’ll be adding new features and upgrades to Looking for Group over the course of the preview, but we’re excited to get this build into your hands so you can start giving your feedback.

Note that you may not find Looking for Group posts for every game due to the limited size of the Preview community. In general, we recommend trying out LFG for multiplayer games that involve co-operative gameplay or team competitions such as:

  • Halo 5: Guardians
  • Minecraft: Xbox One Edition
  • Destiny
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops III
  • Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege
  • Overwatch: Origins Edition

Check out the following Quest for LFG:


  • The easiest way to get started with Looking for Group is to open the Parties tab on the Guide.
  • You can browse and search a game’s LFG posts on its Game Hub. Choose from your games by clicking the “Looking for Group” button on the Parties tab of the Guide.
  • When you Host or request to join an LFG, you can find it in the “Upcoming” list on the Parties tab of the Guide. The Parties tab will also show you LFG posts your friends have made.
  • If you’re the leader of a party and need more players, you can also create a Looking for Group post directly from the Party roster.

LFG Known Issues

  • LFG posts do not yet show up in user profiles, Clubs, or the friends list.
  • LFG posts can currently only be posted to all of Xbox LIVE, visible to everyone on each Game Hub’s “Looking for Group” page.
  • LFG posts can currently only be posted for “right now”. LFG posts will time out if you disconnect from Xbox LIVE for more than 5 minutes.
  • You can currently only host one LFG post at a time, however, you can request to join as many as you want.
  • On the Game Hub “Looking for Group” page, posts do not yet update in real-time. You’ll need to hit the refresh button or change your search tags to get fresh results.
  • Currently, all LFG posts for a game are visible in all regions and languages.
  • Currently, custom tags cannot start with a number.
  • When creating an LFG post, creation will fail if your custom tags or description contain profanity.
  • When selecting tags to create or search for an LFG post, Achievement tags are not yet sorted by whether they are locked or unlocked.
  • Currently, Party Chat sessions linked to an LFG post can be joined (without having to use Looking for Group) if the Party is set to “Joinable”.
  • The Posted Time is not yet shown when browsing LFG posts on a Game Hub, however, posts are sorted with the newest at the top.
  • To create or view LFG posts, your Privacy & Online Safety setting, “Others can communicate with voice, text, or invites” must be set to “Everybody”. Don’t worry, Looking for Group will let you know if this setting isn’t set to “Everybody” and will help you change it if you like.
  • You cannot currently view previous LFG posts.
  • At this time only Xbox LIVE-enabled games support LFG posts.
  • At this time LFG posts for Xbox 360 games will not show up in the Game Hub, but will be visible to you and your friends in the Party tab of the Guide.
  • At this time when choosing a game for a Looking for Group post, search may not find a game if you haven’t played it before.


  • Backward Compatibility
  • This build contains a fix to address stuttering and framerate issues in backward compatible games.
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