Microsoft releases version 2.0 of the UI Design and Interaction Guide for Windows Phone 7


For all the established developers, or the ones who are just starting out like myself, Microsoft has just posted an updated version of the UI Design and Interaction Guide for WP7. This is a great resource that provides  a detailed PDF file of the guide, and Design templates for Windows Phone, consisting of layered Photoshop files and system fonts to aid in application development. To quote more the site…

Highlights for the v2.0 release:

-Completely redesigned format to enhance presentation, readability, and highlight guidance more prominently

-Layout, from left to right, on every page: image, general information in normal type, guidance in bold type

-Use of color highlights per section

-More visible page numbers

-Formatted to support a hard copy version for RTM

-Added new content to support beta release of the Windows Phone Developer Tools

– Reorganized content into four sections: Metro design philosophy, overview of phone UI and features, application interface controls, and miscellaneous

You can read more and download the zip file from the site here. Happy coding!

Thanks to Roger Peters on twitter @SmartyP for the link.