Microsoft Releases Office 365 Channels On IFTTT


21, 2015

Office 365

Microsoft today announced the launch of the Office 365 Channels on IFTTT. IFTTT is a popular service that allows people to link to the various Triggers that exist for Internet apps, and then complete Actions against other products or apps. Microsoft is starting with 4 Office 365 Channels that include:

When you activate these Channels, you are able to automate what happens with your Office 365 data to increase your productivity even more. For example, you create Recipes to program activities, like automatically save a photo to OneDrive for Business when it’s posted to Instagram with a particular hashtag, or sharing that a new Office 365 contact was added to the team’s Trello board or Slack team.

Get started today by visiting the Microsoft’s profile page on IFTTT, they have posted 30 recipes to help you get started.

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