Microsoft releases major update to “Features Timeline” for TFS and VSTS



Visual Studio Team Services

Microsoft yesterday announced a major update to the “Features Timeline” for TFS and VSTS.  This features timeline is a peek into the future. It identifies some of the significant features Microsoft is currently working on and a rough timeframe for when you can expect to see them.

Right now the approach we’re taking with this is to update the roadmap about every 3 months and to project about 6 months ahead.  There are other forums – blog posts, conference presentations, sales engagements, etc. where we provide higher level, more directional roadmaps that go further out.

The Feature Timeline is intended to augment our UserVoice site.  UserVoice is still the best way to make, review and vote on suggested improvements to the product.  We try to keep it up to date but the Feature Timeline provides a more compressed, and organized view of the investments we are making.  You should find many of the high vote UserVoice items on it.

Check out the updated Features Timeline here.

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