Microsoft Releases Bing (Chinese) Dictionary App For Windows Phone

Microsoft has released Bing Dictionary app for Windows Phones. The app is primarily targeted towards Chinese but works well with English too. You can also change the UI language to English.

App Description:

Bing Dictionary Windows Phone version is published by Microsoft. It supports Local/Online dictionary look up, particularly nice features like Smart Index, Search Suggestions and more.

• Local/Online dictionary: Local dictionary contains 100,000 most-frequently-used English and Chinese words. Online dictionary provides more words, sentences and voice.

• Smart Index: Creative Smart Index matches incomplete words and their inflections. Quick-definition is also provided for convenience. Try to input ”better”?

• Click-to-Lookup: Don’t like keyboard on phone? Try two clicks to start a new search: first click a word in definitions or sentences, then click the search button.

• Search Suggestion: uncertain of spelling? Online dictionary provides search candidates of similar spelling or pronunciation to your input.

• Machine Translate: online dictionary mode supports machine translation. Input a long sentence to try the latest Microsoft translation engine between Chinese and English.

• Themes and Fonts: UI themes, Chinese or English user interface, and different font sizes for comfortable reading experience.

• Search history: save your history for recent queries, easily review and traffic-saving.

Download it here from the marketplace.

via: 1800pocketpc