Microsoft and Google release urgent browser security update for Risk Level 4 Drive-by exploit


21, 2021

If your browser is prompting you to restart now may be a good time to do so.  Microsoft and Google have released an urgent fix for a browser vulnerability in their Chromium-based browsers which can be exploited simply by visiting a web page or clicking a link.

According to the BSI:

Several vulnerabilities in Google Chrome and Microsoft Chrome-based Edge have been disclosed. An attacker can exploit this with unknown effects. To exploit it, it is sufficient to call up a maliciously designed website or to click a link to such a page.

The vulnerabilities have been judged as Risk level 4, meaning they are high impact and easy to exploit.

Microsoft has updated their Edge browser to version 92.0.902.78 and list 6 vulnerabilities fixed by the update:

CVE-2021-30604,CVE-2021-30603, CVE-2021-30602,CVE-2021-30601, CVE-2021-30599, CVE-2021-30598

Unfortunately, more details regarding the exploits are not available yet.

The Chrome browser is affected by the same issues – simply restarting your browser should be sufficient to install the updates.

via Winfuture.

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