Microsoft release more details on Crackdown 3’s various gameplay modes, loot crates and microtranscations



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In an interview, Microsoft’s creative director, Joseph Staten, as well as head of production, Jorg Neumann, has revealed some additional details on Microsoft’s latest addition to the Crackdown series, which is set to hit the market on the 15th February.

The biggest news is that Microsoft will not be going down the micro-transactions and loot box route.

“We’re not committing to [any post-launch plans] right now, we’re still experimenting with what’s best to do,” said Staten. “We’re looking at what people find fun, tweaking the balance and so on. We also look at the long-term hooks. We know that we didn’t want to go with microtransactions. We’re not going with the concept of loot crates. There will be things you can unlock, increasingly cool things. Whether they’re rank based, or based on the number of matches, we’re honestly still playing with it. We’ve made hundreds of things to unlock. We can take that to many places.”

They also revealed that the game will feature two different game modes. One will be a Capture the Flag mode where players will attempt to capture and defend map points, and the other is a melee version where playing where players collect dog tags from downed adversaries.

They also revealed details around the campaign mode:

“[It’s] friend-invite only. Crackdown 3 has very little structure, that’s always been the appeal of the game. It’s a big open world, with a huge set of guns, you can do things at your own pace. There’s no prescribed way to play through the bosses, for example. If you have too many players with completely different stuff on their mind, we found that they tend to go off in different directions and never see each other. We felt the best experience in Crackdown 3 was to play with a friend, making plans of attack, [healing] each other, blowing shit up together. We thought about it, but ultimately we decided that this is a game about saving the city, and helping people, rather than reducing it to rubble. We wanted to make sure that we offered that, but it was in a separate mode that was entirely about destruction. We felt that multiplayer PvP, blowing the hell out of each other, was this great thematic match for destruction in Crackdown. So we decided early on that we were going to put destruction entirely in multiplayer.”

That destruction-focussed campaign can be seen demonstrated by French Twitch channel ivtv.

The multiplayer mode is powered by Microsoft’s Azure Cloud technology allowing every single piece of a building to be completely destroyed. The game still features Crackdown’s traditional soft-lock aiming that allows you to easily track your target. This complete destruction will not be available in the campaign.

Crackdown 3 launches February 15th on Xbox Game Pass. Xbox Game Pass is just £7.99 or $9.99 a month.

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