Microsoft refuses to release Windows Phone 7 sales numbers, says its “too soon”



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Joe Belfiore in the hot seat.

Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore was interviewed at D: Dive Into Mobile today, and of course Walt Mossberg immediately focussed on the elephant in the room – how many Windows phone 7 devices have been sold so far.

Microsoft however refused to be drawn on the issue, insisting it was too soon to say.  Giving some indication however that the numbers are not that rosy, he did indicate it would be a couple of years, or even longer, before Microsoft caught up with the market share of Android and Apple.

In the exchange he said:

Walt: So how soon until you get back into the market, before you’re back to profitability, back to a good marketshare, up there with Android and Apple?

Joe: I don’t know how long…

Walt: Couple months?

Joe: Longer than that.

Walt: Couple of years?

Joe: Maybe.

Clearly Joe is not super-confident at present.

Joe was also asked if Microsoft would consider upscaling their mobile OS to tablets, and the answer was mostly in the negative, with Joe leaving a glimmer of an opening that this may happen in the future, with Joe saying “we’re going to focus on what our customers want most.”

Read the full interview at Engadget here.

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