Microsoft refunds Surface Pro 3 battery warranty charges

Surface Pro 3

Microsoft has recently acknowledges and fixed the new LGC  battery problem with the Surface Pro 3 which caused extremely rapid battery drain and could leave the battery draining from full to empty in less than an hour and a half.

Microsoft initially refused to acknowledge the issue, leading to some users paying up to $450 in out of warranty replacement charges.

Now Neowin reports that Microsoft has contacted some of these consumers and issued them a refund.

“We’ve gathered additional details about which customers were affected and are committed to making sure that the people who experienced this issue are taken care of,” Microsoft writes on their website. “We have reached out to those customers and all refunds were processed in October 2016.”

The recent firmware update fixes the issue, but if you paid for an out of warranty repair and have not received an email notifying you of the refund you should contact Microsoft Support here.